How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks are a rampant problem in an increasingly digital marketplace. With a majority of businesses shifting to digital means to conduct business due to the pandemic, a steady increase in cyber-attacks has been seen as well. In a study conducted by Accenture security, it was found that Global cybersecurity threats are on the rise, nearly 68 percent of business leaders agree.”


Amongst a plethora of cyber-attacks that can affect your business, one of the most dangerous of them is gaining confidential information through bugs that eavesdrop on corporations or track individuals without their knowledge. Bugs like this pose an imminent threat to your business for several reasons. Firstly, criminals or rival businesses are always on the lookout for gaining industry secrets and corporate information to monopolize the market and undermine the competition. Thus, putting out sound recording bugs in meetings and illegally tracking someone’s movements is their only recourse if they want to achieve their means. Secondly, private and confidential information once in the hands of the wrong person can be used against you in return for a ransom amount or some kind of blackmail. 


Thus, in order to protect yourself from miscellaneous cyber-attacks like mentioned above, you need to be one step ahead and install safety measures in your office or workplace. The method by which this type of calamity can be avoided is called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). Having TSCM in place ensures that your workplace and corporate information are secure and you don’t have any potential threats whatsoever. 

Which Threats Surround You?

There are several threats that your business is vulnerable to. The most dangerous amongst them are bugs which can jeopardize your business and your life. These bugs include small GSM bugs, which use sim cards fitted into a tiny machine and can record conversations from 30-50ft via mobile phone calls. Apart from small GSM bugs, there are highly discreet bugs that can be installed in light bulbs, shirt buttons, USB cables, and several small office stationery. These bugs can go so far as taking pictures, recording videos, burrowing themselves into digital records and continuing to transmit data to the host, etc.  

TSCM can help you tremendously in situations like these. Through a series of checks, it ensures that no such bugs are present which can put your data into a vulnerable state. This type of surveillance however is for “at-risk” individuals, their business, and their families. This “at-risk” group makes them vulnerable to attacks either because they have access to some proprietary company information or they have special access to company trade and financial data.

How can TSCM Help You?

In such a hostile environment, keeping your business safe from such cyber-attacks should be one of your prime concerns. This is where Technical Surveillance Countermeasures come in. TSCM ensures that your confidential company information, trade, and financial records, access passwords, etc are completely safe and out of harm’s way. There is a multitude of ways how TSCM can help safeguard your business. These techniques include:


TSCM invariably sweeps your workspace for any bugs. This essentially means that the bugs are detected by the radio waves they emit. Most of these devices no matter how small they are in size, emit some sort of radiation that can be detected by the appropriate surveillance equipment. There are however new devices that emit no radio waves at all. In some instances, they are digital viruses that have burrowed themselves deep inside the software and emitting data to the host computer. Now in these instances, there are several techniques to uncover these hidden bugs. To find any physical bugs, a thorough check of the discrete corners in the office, including light bulbs, cables, switchboards, office stationery, etc. There is a variety of equipment which can be used in this instance. These equipment are; spectrum analyzer  (which finds and analyzes radio frequencies), Non-linear Junk Detector (which finds alien circuits and microchips in various devices), Thermal-imaging camera (This helps in finding devices that are hidden inside walls, etc). 

As far as digital bugs and viruses are concerned, there are several ways to sweep for bugs there. These include firewalls, virus scanners, damage control measures, disabling any incognito screen recording or voice recording software, etc. 


To sum up, an increasing reliance on digital technologies for conducting businesses makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as the installation of physical or digital bugs to leak confidential company information. These attacks make the company and the employees vulnerable to data leaks and might cost the company an exuberant amount of money. In events like these, TSCM services in India are the best bet for a company to safeguard its valuable data and the safety of its employees. 

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