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    Executive Search Consultants

    A great leader is imperative for an organisation to stride forward and succeed. To find a leader who has the requisite skills and experience and can fit in with the organisation’s culture can be overwhelming. Our executive search consultants can make it easy for you. We help you find potential executives by attracting the best talent who can fulfil the business objectives skillfully.


    We value every client and so our qualified executive search consultants team seeks to understand the business needs, strategic goals, leadership role, competency and the organisation’s culture of each client to determine the ideal fit. Our dedicated headhunting team retains extensive knowledge, professional contacts, networks and resources to accomplish the search. We also keep in sight the vital trends in the talent market and update our services accordingly to never miss the right resource.


    Executive Search helps organisations to get higher calibre contenders and results in quality recruitment. This headhunt process also makes sure there is complete confidentiality and is both cost and time efficient. We are one of the best job consultancy in India working efficiently for the past 4 years. We are a trusted and passionate executive search firm in Delhi, Bangalore serving and helping companies in executive search for candidates.

    Our ExpertiseRecruit the best candidate, in the shortest possible time.

    IT, Digital & Technology

    A highly specialized and skilled team is run to focus on the IT and related recruitment routinely.


    Recruitment under this category are also fulfilled such as in sales and marketing, consumer services and many more


    Organization goals are likely to depend on the functional skills and differentiating capabilities of candidates that we provide adds to its success.

    Experience Recruitment Service Like Never Before

    The service offered at Human Resource India is unmatched. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, you are always valued.

    This is what you can expect when you work with us, we are the best placement agency in Delhi.


    We will assign industry specific recruitment experts to help you get the best candidates.



    95% of our candidates stay with their company for more than 18 months.



    We access multiples job boards, CV databases & social media touchpoints.



    If a candidate leaves, then you get a guaranteed rebate.



    On an average, we take days of time to fill the vacancies of our clients.


    NO FEE

    We take no fee until the candidate is recruited and starts working.


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