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Our team of dedicated recruitment consultants, and their hiring services to several companies have made us the Best Staffing Agency in Delhi-NCR.

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    Staffing Agency in Delhi-NCR

    Every company needs manpower who can help them to achieve all the business goals, whether it is a startup or a large organisation. Employees are the basic foundation of the company, they have to be selected wisely and meticulously. It is not easy for a company to recruit candidates on their own, that’s why companies outsource hiring work to staffing agencies. We excel in recruiting candidates according to the job position requirements. We provide the best hr services to reduce the workload, stress, cost, and time of the company.


    Human Resource India (HRI) is one of the best staffing agency in Delhi. We have excellent skills in recruiting the right talent who can help you to achieve all the business goals. We source the most eligible candidate for the job according to your skill requirements. Our team of recruitment consultants understands every company’s goals along with diverse cultures and works accordingly. From screening the resumes to shortlisting the candidates and preparing them for interviews all this process is done by our team. We also help you if any problem arises even after the recruitment is done.


    We prioritize each client and our team work tirelessly and in cooperation to give you the best outcome. No matter whether you are an existing client or a new client, you are always valued with our best staffing services. We value your time and money that is why we provide the best yet affordable and adequate recruitment in a short period. We work relentlessly to provide you with the most satisfied and prominent results. Our motto is to assure our clients with due respect and consideration. With the help of our years of experience and diligence, we try to provide the highest caliber of hr services.

    Committed Team, Satisfied Clients & Established Records

    Our excellent work with numerous companies have made us one of the best job consultancy in Delhi.
    The stats below will help you understand the nature of our service.

    Experience Recruitment Service Like Never Before

    The service offered at Human Resource India is unmatched. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, you are always valued.
    This is what you can expect when you work with the best manpower consultant in Delhi.


    We will assign industry specific recruitment experts to help you get the best candidates.



    95% of our candidates stay with their company for more than 18 months.



    We access multiples job boards, CV databases & social media touchpoints.



    If a candidate leaves, then you get a guaranteed rebate.



    On an average, we take days of time to fill the vacancies of our clients.


    NO FEE

    We take no fee until the candidate is recruited and starts working.


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