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As FMCG is progressing day by day giving huge opportunities to companies in this sector, you only need a reliable FMCG recruitment agency for retrieving your goals.


Being one of the largest sectors in the Indian economy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), has a significant distribution network along with easy access to raw materials accompanied by less costly labour making it a fast-growing sector. As notified by the Financial Express, the FMCG sector is optimistic enough to show at least 20% growth in the year 2023. Jobs in the FMCG industry are abundant in number now and you only need a reliable placement agency to hire the best talent.


FMCG organisations will certainly develop constantly leading to rising demand for manpower fit for their organisation. At Human Resource India, our sole aim is to source the best candidates for our clients and help them grow their organisations with our reliable workforce solutions.

FMCG Placement Consultants

We ensure to provide high-quality placement consulting services in both aspects of time and cost in the most efficient way. Other than that we establish a long-term association with the companies by providing them with the required qualified candidates. Our main goal is to give the best FMCG recruitment services to our clients.


The constant demand for talented candidates in this industry can also be associated with great competition with lesser opportunities. But, we do commit ourselves and help organisations with management consulting and executive search services in a beneficial manner.

No recruit? No need to pay us!

Unlike many other FMCG recruitment agencies, we take no fee until the candidate is recruited and starts working successfully. So, it is clear that working with us carries you no risks and you can rely on us. As, in many other ways, we’re quite different from every other ordinary FMCG recruitment agency.


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We provide staffing solutions for both permanent and contractual recruitment depending upon the requirements of our clients.

Our FMCG recruitment services give you access to a highly skilled workforce database. We conduct a thorough screening procedure to make sure that applicants are compatible with your organisation’s culture and needs, which can help you save time and reduce costs. Additionally, we provide individualised assistance and direction throughout the hiring process to ensure your company hires the best person for each position.

Usually, the recruitment process takes around 7-14 days from conducting a preliminary screening of profiles to sourcing candidates for our client.

Our recruitment technique majorly revolves around the requirement of our client and the job description. We deeply analyse the job description and invite applications from our existing pool of candidates. After preliminary screening, we source the candidates for the client.

Apart from the FMCG industry, we recruit for multiple sectors. For more info click here.

There are many other recruitment agencies in the market but our recruitment agency is quite different from all of them. Firstly, our expertise in understanding the job market and the requirements of our clients help us in providing the right set of services. Secondly, we are rated as one of the best recruitment agencies across India by our users.

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    Working with Human Resource India was an exceptional experience. They were extremely knowledgeable about the FMCG industry and were able to provide top-notch candidates that fit our specific needs. Their attention to detail and communication throughout the process was excellent

    ~ Rahul Soni, Senior Sales Manager

    HRI team have consistently provided us with high-quality candidates who have become valuable members of our team. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and communication skills are unparalleled. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for top talent in the FMCG industry.

    ~ Abhay Gupta, Senior HR Manager

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    Being the best job consultancy in India, our sole aim is to provide you with ample job opportunities that you deserve

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    Being the best FMCG job consultancy in India, our sole aim is to provide you with the ample job opportunities that you deserve. At Human Resource India, you can explore various job opportunities in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. Moreover, our team of the best FMCG placement consultants in Delhi is available to enlighten you about current job opportunities and provide you with high-quality placement assistance. So, submit your resume through the link below and our team will review your profile and reach out to you.

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