What are the Best Ways to Look for Jobs in India?

During the pandemic, getting a job is a very difficult task among youth. Many graduates are turning up to secure a well-paid job. Still, one might need help to get an opportunity because in India, today’s younger generation is facing many problems, whether in education or employment. To secure well-paid jobs in companies across India, one must upskill themselves but also use the best ways to look for a job in India to get that one opportunity and stand out from the crowd. By getting some experience from working in an office environment, even if you want to look for well-paid jobs for yourself, get the experience first and then look for a well-paid job.


Even though finding a job in the Indian market is emerging with new schemes and skills with new openings, it is still a very difficult task or a nightmare for many people. After the emerging COVID crisis, we have been engulfed with platforms like automation and artificial intelligence. However, there are some of the best ways to look for a job in India which are still not exploited by many job seekers.

Well-Paid Jobs in India Through Online Job Sites

Even though there are many best ways to look for a job in India, choosing the right fit is up to you. It’s your call to put effort into the right job for yourself. One can look for job vacancies on online job sites and then opt for sending a cold email to the recruiter. Below are some of the best ways to look for a job in India.

online job sites

Cut Short

Cut Short is an online job site that helps companies and candidates eager to apply for a job or discover an opportunity. Cut Short, help companies discover and assess you to identify whether you are a fit for their company. It also gives you the opportunity to get a referral to exclusive job openings. 


Cushort is a network of accomplished individuals who use AI to fulfil organisational recruitment needs. This is a perfect platform for tech professionals to find an opportunity for well-paid jobs.


One of the best online platforms to find well-paid jobs for candidates. Indeed is also ranked #1 among all the online job sites in India. The platform offers jobs to jobseekers by providing new job openings in the organisation.


Indeed is one of the most effective platforms for getting well-paid jobs across any industry. It supports all kinds of work, like full-time, part-time, and internships.


Naukri.com allows you to apply to several jobs and prepares you for work ethics by giving internships that help you get job-like experiences. This online job site uses various management tools necessary to make the website interface more useful to the user.


You can also get familiar with the working environment of corporations or any specific organisation. It gives you the best opportunities related to the professional world and delivers the best jobs that suit your ability. Thus, Naukri.com is one of the best ways to look for a job in India.


Glassdoor is a leading online job site which keeps on adding new features in the domain of job listing on the website. Surprisingly, it is more popular among younger jobseekers. It is a perfect platform for new graduates and students seeking to experience a job or an internship.


Glassdoor can be chosen as the platform for learning new experiences in the working field to get through the best outcome or the best version for yourself. It is considered one of the best ways to look for a job in India by many young graduates.


Hirist is another trusted job platform in India that focuses on tech niche hiring. It has huge job listing offers for various tech profiles such as developers like backend or frontend web developers. The platform makes it easier for students or recent graduates to find a job in the tech field and get a chance to get shortlisted for new job openings in high-tech companies.

Other Options to Look for Jobs in India

There are many other options too apart from online job sites which help you find well-paid jobs or internship opportunities. Here are some of the best ways to look for a job in India beyond job websites – 

Company Career Pages

Finding a job through a company’s career page can be a great way to identify and apply for job openings that match your skills and interests. Many companies have dedicated career pages on their websites where they list their current job openings, along with information about the company culture, benefits, and application process.


By browsing through these pages, you can get a sense of the types of jobs that are available and what the company is looking for in a candidate. You can also often submit your resume and cover letter directly through the career page, making the application process more streamlined and efficient.


Additionally, some companies may offer resources on their career pages to help you prepare for the application process, such as interview tips and information about their hiring process.

Company career pages

Follow the following steps to find a job through the company’s career pages –

– According to your requirements, list down the Industry in which you want to work, niche, benefits, pay, etc.


-Based on the list, shortlist the companies according to your wish. Most businesses also have their career pages, so you can look into that as per your requirement and directly apply to the openings.


Submit your resume and cover letter directly through the career page.

Cold Emails

If you are not able to see the career pages of some companies, there are other options also, one of which is sending a cold email or message to the organisation’s recruiter. Finding jobs through cold email can be an effective strategy for job seekers looking to stand out from the competition. Cold emailing involves reaching out to companies or individuals who may not have a job opening posted, but may still be interested in your skills and experience.

To make your cold email stand out, be sure to customise it to the company or individual whom you are sending a cold email to, highlighting why you would be a good fit for their organisation.

Additionally, be sure to follow up after sending a cold email to show your persistence and interest in the position. While cold-emailing may not always lead to a job offer, it can help expand your network and lead to future job opportunities.

Social Media

Social media platforms have revolutionised the job search process by providing job seekers with a plethora of opportunities to connect with potential employers. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are popular sites for job seekers to research companies and network with industry professionals.

Job seekers can search for job postings on social media, follow companies they are interested in, and connect with hiring managers directly. Social media can also be used to showcase one’s skills and experience through an online portfolio or personal branding. With the vast number of users on social media, the opportunities to find jobs through these platforms are endless.

However, it is important for job seekers to maintain a professional image and be mindful of what they post on their social media accounts as potential employers may review their profiles.

social networking site for professionals


It is a very popular social networking site for professionals but first, you need to create your profile on Linkedin. It will help candidates find a job all across the world. On Linkedin, you can find company profiles and employees working within that company and you can also reach them with questions. You can also search and apply for jobs posted by the companies.



Facebook is also a very popular social media platform. You can also use it for searching for jobs. Also, many groups and pages are available where you will get daily information on jobs and vacancies in high-profile roles.

College Placements

College placements can be an excellent way to kickstart your career by finding a job that aligns with your skills and interests. Many companies actively seek out fresh graduates from colleges and universities to fill their entry-level positions.

College placement services often have strong ties with local and national employers, making it easier for them to connect students with potential employers. These services provide job seekers with access to job listings, interview preparation, and networking events, which can help increase the chances of landing a job.

Additionally, college placements can offer internship opportunities that allow students to gain practical experience in their field of study, making them more attractive candidates to future employers. Overall, utilising college placements can be an effective way to find job opportunities and begin building a successful career.


If you have already passed out from college, you can join CDAC or any other short-term course where companies hire candidates. There are certain job vacancies in the job market for these short term courses.

Placement Agencies

Placement agencies are organisations that specialise in matching job seekers with potential employers. These agencies work with a wide range of companies and industries, and they often have access to job openings that may not be advertised publicly. There are many placement agencies that are masters in providing manpower solutions to companies. Placement Agency is one of the best ways to look for a job in India.

placement agencies that are masters in providing manpower solutions to companies

Job seekers can benefit from working with placement agencies because they can provide guidance and support throughout the job search process, from resume and cover letter writing to interview preparation. Placement agencies may also have relationships with hiring managers, which can increase the likelihood of being considered for a job.

Apart from providing staffing solutions to companies, placement agencies also provide valuable feedback and advice to job seekers, which can help them improve their skills and become more competitive in the job market. One of the best placement agencies in Delhi in Human Resource India. To secure a job in your targeted domain.

Finding Jobs in Newspapers

Newspapers like The Times of India, The Hindu, and Indian Express have different sections for job vacancies. Mostly they have job vacancies for Civil and Mechanical jobs. Some newspapers print job vacancies in different sections daily, while others print weekly. You can find jobs based on your requirements.

Finding Jobs in Newspapers

Walking/off-campus drives

Walking or off-campus drives can be a great way to find job opportunities. These types of events usually involve companies and organisations setting up booths or tables in a central location, such as a job fair or networking event.

Job seekers can walk around and talk to representatives from various companies, ask questions, and learn about job openings. This method of job searching allows candidates to make face-to-face connections with potential employers, which can help them stand out from other applicants.

Additionally, it provides a chance to explore job opportunities outside of traditional online job boards and postings. By attending walking or off-campus drives, job seekers may be able to find job opportunities they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

What are Emerging Jobs in India?

An emerging job is defined as a job or a role that has seen tremendous growth in India in recent periods or can grow in the future also. That means there may not be a large pool of talent that holds this job, but over time has gained popularity, and we have observed large, sustained year growth of professionals hired under this role or job.


Emerging jobs are often associated with cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, as well as new fields like renewable energy, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

Insights into emerging jobs

What are the Insights into emerging jobs?

These emerging job roles are giving larger industry trends and often lead to the socialistic shift in the economy, which many people demand.


-Help job seekers understand the need or roles or jobs in the market and the skills required for the jobs in the future.


-Guide employers to find the right talent for the company and help identify an area to invest in.


-Highlight industrial and socialistic trends, which is the need for many workforces in India.


Emerging job analysis is done on Linkedin social media platform and its members with a public profile that have held a full-time position in India. Compared with other economies, demand in the Indian employment market is still heavily towards hard tech skills. However, the growth in the tech industry has also increased the demand for responsible talent and trying to give their best shot.

Job Trends in India

Staying up-to-date with job trends can help job seekers and employers make informed decisions about recruiting, selection, training and career development. With the rapid pace of technological advancements and shifting economic landscapes, job trends are constantly evolving and it’s important to stay informed to stay competitive in the job market.

Technology continues to dominate the emerging job market

According to a McKinsey report, India is the second fastest-digitising economy in the world. The same report expects that by 2025, India’s tech Industry will deliver $1 trillion in economic value and sustain up to 65 million jobs. India will become the third-largest startup hub in the world, where most of the emerging jobs will be tech-oriented.

India’s tech skills need increasing support from employees

India’s Tech skills as a global tech powerhouse are well established. The emerging jobs reflect the human side of tech also. Professionals in this role use human skills like relationship management to understand the customer and employee’s needs to best utilise their product to satisfy the client’s needs.

Businesses digitising economy-wide for high-skilled labour

Nowadays, businesses across the Indian economy are adopting digital technologies to grow their demands. Today, Indian businesses focus on rapid growth and scale through the rise in digital marketing specialists and many other leading jobs according to market demand.

Blockchain developer bursts into the Industry

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) said enterprises across all key industries are identifying blockchain applications in their Industry. Blockchain applications are highly increasing across healthcare, retail, and logistics sectors. These all have led to higher demands for blockchain developers.

Top Emerging Jobs in India

As industries continue to evolve and adapt to changing trends, new job opportunities emerge. We have mentioned some of the top emerging jobs in India across various industries. These positions offer exciting prospects for professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of new growth areas to get placement.

Blockchain Developers

India is now the 6th in the world regarding blockchain patents. Their job is to develop and optimise blockchain protocols and design the architecture of blockchain systems. It is a whole new technology like app development. India’s public industry is the largest consumer of technology.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial Intelligence specialists work on getting a machine to learn. This means machines don’t just retain information but perceive the environment and take autonomous action to achieve goals. A PWC report of Indian businesses found that 74% believed AI would improve economic status, cyber security, global health, and education.

JavaScript Developer

Java script developers improvise the work of front-end web developers and take it into action. While front-end developers work on styling web applications, JavaScript, on the other hand, builds and implements the front-end logic into action. Website programming, development, and implementation are the core elements of this job.

Robotic Process Automation Consultant

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of creating software robots to automate manual work that humans previously performed. The role of an RPA consultant is to work with organisations to understand how they would help or contribute to the businesses.

Backend Developer

A backend developer is in charge of building and implementing what a particular web application is meant to do. A good back–end developer will ensure that what the front-end promises, the website delivers.


With the country’s rapidly growing economy and expanding job market, it is important to explore multiple avenues in order to find the right opportunity. Networking, online job sites, career fairs, and recruitment agencies are all valuable resources that can help job seekers find the perfect fit. By being proactive and persistent in their job search, individuals can increase their chances of landing a fulfilling career in India.

With a positive attitude and a willingness to put in the effort, anyone can find success in their job search and achieve their professional goals in this exciting and dynamic country. Before you start utilising the best ways to look for a job in India, it’s important to garnish your efforts with confidence and good behaviour. Focus on your strength and don’t let your disabilities come in your path.

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