How to Quit a Job You Just Started

When you start a new job, you might be very excited and enthusiastic about it, but after a certain point, you may feel that you made the wrong decision by accepting the job offer. You may think that your new job is not right for you and does not cater to your needs or expectations. Quitting a job may look like a tough choice but if you are not happy with your job, then quitting is the most suitable option. It is essential to quit a job gracefully while keeping your options open and opening yourself to new opportunities.

Tips to Remember While Leaving a Job

Give it a proper thought

Quitting a job is a big decision and has both financial and emotional consequences. Before finalising your decision, give it proper thought. Evaluate the pros and cons to quit a job. The thought of leaving may be a result of a bad day at work, and such a feeling is temporary. Make sure that you do not take any action in such a case. The decision of resigning should be a well-thought decision. If you are thinking of leaving the job which you started recently, it might not be that pleasing for your employer as he must have spent a lot of time and resources recruiting you. But you should do what is best for you and properly assess all the reasons for leaving a job.


Do not tell anyone that you are considering quitting your job. Make sure you do not mention it to anyone before you give your resignation. The person to whom you report should be the first one to know about your decision as this is the ideal protocol. This would leave a good impression on your manager and may come to your aid in the future. The corporate sector is quite dynamic, and you might come across the same people who you met at the start of your career afterwards as well. So make sure you leave a good impression on your colleagues before leaving the organisation. Also, you may change your decision of leaving and so only reveal it when you are completely sure about quitting.

Notice period

If possible, then make sure you give proper notice to your manager and tell your employer in advance that you wish to resign from the organisation. Most companies have a clear notice period defined. Go through those specifications and read all the necessary details thoroughly. Usually, the minimum notice period in organisations is for two weeks. This may vary according to your job profile. There is a possibility that the organisation does not want you to serve your notice period after you have given your resignation. But, to follow the protocol and leave decently, you must give the maximum notice period possible for you.

Job hunting

It may be a case that you already have a job offer before you decide to leave your current job. However, if this is not the case, then, do not resign from your prevailing organisation until you find a new job. If you do not want to be unemployed, then the ideal way is to look for a job while you are still employed. It ensures financial security and is the appropriate way. For job searching purposes, you can take help from a placement consultant. They will not only find you a job in no time but also keep your job search highly confidential so that it does not affect your current work.

Resignation letter

A resignation letter is vital to make your resignation official. When you draft your resignation letter, make sure it has a professional and accurate tone. You must not sound offensive in any way. Do not exaggerate and explain all the reasons for leaving a job. Even if you are giving a reason for quitting, keep it short and legitimate. Format your resume according to the protocol and mention the necessary details and use correct salutations. Your signature at the end is a mandate and mentions the dates of resignation and commencement of your notice period. Display your gratitude towards the organisation and thank them for this opportunity. Show regret that you have to leave the organisation and end your resignation letter on a positive note. Lastly, make sure you hand over the resume to your manager personally.

Quitting a job that you just started might be a difficult decision and may be driven by what your career ambitions are, and you must work hard to achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to exit from a job and move towards a more suitable and fitting opportunity.

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