Ways to Keep Your Job Search Active During Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are a job seeker and you are on a job hunt then you might be wondering how do you look for a job in the situation of a global pandemic. The covid-19 outbreak has led to an economic crisis, and job search active during covid-19 right now is a tough task. However, not all organizations have stopped hiring. Some industries are still on a hiring spree. The best way to find a suitable job right now is through a job consultancy. They are in a direct relationship with the organizations and can therefore find you a job quickly.

Tips For Job Search Actively During Covid-19

Use your Extra Time Effectively

COVID-19 has left people with a lot of more time, either because they are working from home, part-time, or because they have lost their job. If you find yourself in any of these situations, then do not let your extra time go waste. Make sure you are putting your time to stable and productive use instead of using a lot of social media and entertainment channels. Dedicate an adequate amount of time to your job search. Use this time to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get your resume ready. Spend your time networking with relevant people online to diversify your network.

Learning New Skills

Use this time to learn a new skill or for sharpening an old skill. Think about something that you could be doing right now that will help you stand above the competition. Look for free and paid courses online that can strengthen your soft skills and will look good on your resume.

Practice Phone Interviews

The possibility of having your next interview over a phone call is very high, keeping in mind the current situation. It is crucial to be ready for a phone interview and make the necessary preparations beforehand. Select a peaceful corner at your house to give the interview that is free from distractions and loud noises. Prepare yourself the same way you prepare for an in-person interview. Do your research work properly and prepare your answers well. Get your important documents ready and arrange them properly.

Video Interviews

With the current situation ongoing, video interviews are on a rise. For a video interview, you need to be careful about your appearance. Dress exactly like you dress for an in-person interview. Make sure the place you select is clean and orderly. Choose a peaceful place with no disturbances. Position yourself in a neutral background and correctly place the camera.

Temporary/Contract Work

It might take a little extra time to land your ideal dream job, but you should not wait and sit idly at home. Consider temporary or contract-based employment to enhance your skills and resume. There are a lot of companies hiring on a temporary need basis. Look for such a job position in your career field. You can register yourself with a placement agency to quickly find a job for the time being.

Do Not Give Up

Do not stop searching for a job. That is one of the most crucial times when you can go out there actively looking for a job. Whether the employers are hiring right now or not, by taking action now, you will be at the forefront of the candidate pool.

Professional Network

It is very crucial to stay in touch with your coworkers and communicate with them regularly. You can use this time to expand your social network through platforms like LinkedIn and other job search sites. Hiring managers and recruiters actively look for potential candidates over these social platforms. For instance, many organizations and recruiters advertise their job vacancies on LinkedIn. You can use this to your advantage and grow your network. Stay active on these platforms and post regularly.

Work-From-Home Routine

Most of the organizations have given their employees the flexibility to work from home during this pandemic. Though you can work within the comfort of your home, this does not mean that you have a laid back attitude towards work. Make sure you follow a proper routine while working from home. Create a legitimate workspace for your office work. Follow a pattern and work according to that. Discipline while working from home is very crucial.

Job searching can be discouraging but be positive that you will land your dream job. Take help from a job consultancy to reduce the time graph of your job search active during covid-19. Follow the above tips and do not stop looking for your dream job.

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