Job Interview Questions You Should Never Ask A Candidate

A job interview is a formal interaction between the employer and the job seeker, where the employer asks certain questions to assess the skills and competencies of the potential candidate. It is a highly professional procedure, and it follows a certain decorum and a series of steps. A candidate needs to talk sensibly and answer the job interview questions appropriately. The candidate must come prepared for the same, likewise, an employer also needs to take care of a few things while conducting a job interview. The job interview questions, an employer asks the potential candidate must be appropriate in nature and should not offend or disregard anyone in any manner. If you are an employer, then you must take care of these things and ensure a good and healthy flow of the job interview.

Interview Questions You Must Avoid To Ask Candidate

Discriminatory Questions

You must not ask or indulge in questions or topics which disregard anyone with respect to race, colour, gender, place of origin, preferences, community, and beliefs. These topics are quite sensitive, and it is better to avoid asking such job interview questions.


Questions related to these topics can hurt the sentiments of the candidate, and the candidate might get uncomfortable. This can make the candidate nervous, and they may not want to continue with the interview.

Religion-Based Questions

Region again is a highly sensitive topic. Job interview questions should not offend the regional beliefs and practices of the candidate, or anyone in any manner. It is better not to talk about this aspect at all and avoid any kind of discussion related to this topic.

Sexual Orientation

The sexual orientation of any person is their personal preference and is not subject to opinions from others. A job interview takes place in a professional set up, and the employer can avoid questions about one’s sexual preferences or gender identity questions. These questions are anyway of no use for the employer. Therefore, the employer should not encounter this domain.


Talking about the disabilities of the candidate can make them uncomfortable and nervous. It may disregard their sentiments too. You can explain to them the job in detail and then ask them if they will be able to take the job or not. Direct questions about the disability of a candidate can make be considered offensive.

Family-Related Questions

You should not ask questions related to marital status and family members. This aspect does not affect the assessment of the candidate for any job.  You can ask them if they have any commitments which might hinder their work. However asking direct questions like, “Are you married?” or ”How many children do you have?” is not the correct way.

Physical Attributes

It is indecent to talk or point towards the physical attributes of a person during the job interview. Any kind of body shaming or anything related to that is not something you should talk about in such a formal conversation. You must not ask about height and weight-related questions or other medical information if not necessary or needed for the job.

Financial Status

You must never ask questions related to the financial status of the candidate. It may be demeaning for the other person to answer such things. Respect the integrity of the candidate. Questions involving the personal belongings of the candidate should be kept out of the picture.


Even though job interview questions are build in a way, that helps to assess the candidate’s capabilities in a difficult situation, yet you should not be demotivating. You must respect the candidate’s emotions and encourage them to do better. You must try to make the candidate comfortable. Holding a straight and cold face throughout the interview may make the candidate uncomfortable. 

As an employer, you should always try to set an example for your subordinates. Even while interviewing the potential candidate, you must maintain professional behaviour. Often while taking the job interview, you may get off track and the conversation can go in some undesired direction, however, you must be careful to not let that happen.

These were some of the direct questions and topics you should avoid bringing up while interviewing a potential employee.

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