8 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Get Hired

What is a Resume?

A resume is either a typed or written compilation of one’s skills, educational qualifications, achievements, and work experience. It plays a major role in job applications for various professional designations and positions. Hence, it is important to follow the right resume writing tips.


A resume is generally the first thing a hiring manager looks for while interviewing the candidate. Whether you are updating your resume after a long time or creating it from scratch, it is necessary to consider certain factors about how to plan out your resume; so that you keep it accurate and updated.


Resumes are a way of self-promotion to help oneself in getting hired and gives an overview of the important qualifications and work history. Here are the Top 8 resume writing tips that will help you in making a resume and portray yourself effectively.

Read The Resume Writing Tips Below:

1. List Down your Experiences:

Include all the experiences you have had, including volunteer exposure right from your early school days to your professional career. List them according to their prominence and relevance.

2. Mention any Achievement or Award:

Mention any awards, community experience, achievements that might have had. Ensure that you also write the duration of years, location, and the reasons why you won those recognitions. 

3. Focus on the Education:

While describing your job responsibilities do not just focus on what you did there but also mention what you learned. This will increase your chances of getting selected, by letting the employer know that you have a ready-to-learn attitude. 

4. Cite the relevant experiences only:

Writing down achievements and experiences does not mean that you can put everything and anything on the resume. Ensure that those mentioned are relevant to the job you are applying to. There are certain things that you will need to exclude from the resume. 

5. Choose The Best Resume Formatting Style:

Portraying yourself and your experiences, qualifications, skills, etc. in the best resume formatting style will have a major impact on how the interviewer judges you. Resume formatting styles are of three types: 

a)    Chronological: It lists your work experiences in descending order, that is, from most recent to the beginning career experiences.

b)   Combination: It consists of a combined effort of your experiences along with your skills and lists them before the employment history.

c)    Functional: This focuses on your abilities and skills rather than your work experience.

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Choose the most relevant and best resume formatting style to enhance your chances of impressing the interviewer.

6. Organize your Accomplishments and Experiences:

After deciding on the resume type, you have to start writing the resume and compiling everything together but also making sure that you use the right keywords to grab the attention of the employer and the hiring manager. Many times it happens that resume vetting is conducted via computer applications and even though with the right qualifications and decent experience it might get unnoticed.

7. Structure your Resume’s Alignment and Symmetry:

This is yet another aspect of the best resume formatting. Use the right font style and font size, along with readable black text on a white background. Make sure you get a print out of the resume before sending its soft copy and see to it that there are no gaps. Ensure that you conclude all the information within a single page or a maximum of two pages.

8. Refine the Document Information:

Proofread the resume and look for possible mistakes. Spelling mistakes, unnecessary information, and the like can leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

Your resume is like a living document of your professional life, so keep updating it periodically, as you move one step forward in learning new skills or handling new job responsibilities. Follow these 8 resume writing tips carefully to portray your personality, skills, and experiences in the best possible manner. 


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