How to Become Employee of the Month or Year

Once you have cleared your interview, the next step is to prepare for your initial days at work. Recruitment Consultants may have helped you land a job position in your desired organisation, but now it is your turn to show the recruiter that they made a good decision. To become an employee of the month, it is important to create a good impression in the initial days of your job. You must connect with the new work environment and your colleagues. 


You need to maintain a balance between your input and output. For instance, if an employee works very hard to complete a task assigned to them and submits it on time but never interacts with the manager, in that case, the manager can only judge them based on their output. The manager would not know about the hard work the new employee put into it. Similarly, if an employee gives a lot of input and valuable suggestions, but fails to deliver quality work, the manager may not appreciate their suggestions. As a new employee, your goal is to show them your positive aspects and be in your superior’s good books.

Tips For Creating A Positive Impression


You need to reach the office on time. Arriving late leaves a bad impression and is not a good habit. As a new employee, if you arrive late in your initial days, then it might look like you are irresponsible and easygoing. To avoid getting late, prepare your things the previous night itself. Iron your clothes, arrange your files, and make other preparations beforehand. If you are someone who gets up late in the morning, then set your alarm accordingly. Try your best to be present on time.

Make notes

Since you are new to the organisation, it will take time to adjust and learn the work ethics there. To fasten this learning process, make notes whenever your manager or any superiors is telling you something important. Note the minute details as well, so that you don’t end up asking repetitive questions. Asking the same question again may make you look inattentive and slow.

Stay alert and take initiatives

Take the initiative to perform a task and give valuable suggestions voluntarily. Even if a particular task is out of your job description, do not hesitate to do it. It will create a good impression on your manager, increase your chances of getting selected as the employee of the month, and may also get you better opportunities in the future. If your goal is to reach a higher position in the organisation, then taking the initiative will help you achieve this. Stay alert throughout the day, evaluate how things work, and try to grasp as much as possible.


Being a new employee in the organisation, you must be in regular contact with your boss and superiors. Build a cordial relationship with them. Communicate with them formally as well as informally when possible. Socialise with other colleagues as well. This will help you increase your network.

Accept your mistakes

An employee of the month is not only good at work but also self-aware. Since you are new to an organisation, you may end up making a few mistakes initially. Do not hesitate to own up to your mistakes. It is pretty natural, and it takes time to get used to the new work culture. Tackle your errors and resolve them on your own. This will help you to learn faster from your mistakes. In case you are unable to resolve your mistake, then go to your colleague or manager to seek help. Never try to get away from your mistakes.

Avoid distractions

You must avoid all distractions like social media, entertainment-related things, and talking to your friends while you are at work. You need to learn new things when you start a new job. To reduce the distraction time, you should focus on your work with full dedication. To achieve this, you can keep your phone away or only attend work-related calls while you are working.

Dress nicely

Your dressing sense exhibits a lot about your characteristics. People who dress well leave a better impression. It gives you an upper hand and also inspires confidence in you. However, do not overdress to stand out. Evaluate the dress code of other employees and groom yourself accordingly.

Track your improvement

You must maintain a record of your work. Evaluate yourself based on your previous and current work results. Pay attention to areas in which you lack and there is a scope for improvement. By measuring your work, you can show your superiors your accomplishments. This will surely get you a step ahead towards being the employee of the month.


If you are new at work and you are finding it difficult to get in your manager’s good books, then follow these tips and get the deserved recognition and achieve your goal to be the employee of the month.

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