Signs to know if it’s time to look for a new job

Are you having a difficult time at your job? Or do you honestly not want to be working there anymore? Are you thinking about resigning from your job or maybe look for a new job for a better opportunity, but not sure if you should? It could be time to think if you need a new job and move on.


Sometimes, we wait too long to realize that a work situation is not a suitable fit for you, however, waiting can have adverse results. It could be easier to remain at your current job, particularly when you get along well with your co-workers yet aren’t excited about the job. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s a great idea to initiate the tough decision that you need a change. Of course, a lot of people can’t afford to quit an unsatisfactory job at the very second, still holding on too long can be disturbing to you and others. The final question is, when is the right time to leave and start the search for a new job?

Here a few signs to know if it's time to look for a new job

You are not considered for a promotion

There are many moments during an employee’s life when they expect a promotion, however, in the end, they still don’t get the promotion. Initially, you must not get upset and work harder, but if it happens for a long time, you must find out the reason behind the same. It could merely be related to your performance, or there could be other matters as well. If this keeps happening, again and again, then it is the moment for you to look for a new job, with better opportunities for your career.

Your work is undermined

Authority and responsibility in an organization help an employee fulfill the need for belongingness. However, if an employee finds out that the projects they have approved or decisions they made have been overturned by other employees, without their knowledge or opinion, it will undermine their position in the organization, and make them feel less important. Doubting your decision and changing them without your input is not only disrespectful but also, not acceptable. It would mean your work isn’t valued. You can start the search for a job online, as many online job portals make the process of finding a new job as easy as it could be.

Your Sleep Patterns is Disturbed

You might have trouble going to sleep, or you usually wake up during the night with concerns about your job. Sleep is very significant to your health, and job-induced tension can be a reason for the poor sleeping pattern. Sadly, this can enhance a complex situation, letting a bad job seem even worse. Being tired all the time can cause everything to look like a hurdle.

You have unmanageable stress

If you have a huge workload and outside stress such as caregiving for a loved one, you might notice that quitting the job is your best option. Some people might feel held because the salary is good, yet the challenge may be unreasonable.

You have retirement thoughts

Do you consume all day imagining retirement, calculating the duration until the time comes? You must not spend your professional life just counting your days until retirement. Rather, take that feeling, and use it as motivation to find a position at a new job that is satisfying and emotionally fulfilling.​

No excitement for work

Mondays are usually the worst days for every person who has a professional life, as no matter what every job is tiring at some point.

However, if you can’t recall the last time you felt the smallest feeling of enthusiasm to tackle a new project, engage in a brainstorming session, or even participate in your office’s activities? That is something you should be concerned about. You must not expect to feel high enthusiasm every single day’ as it is unreasonable. However, if you are constantly lacking attention and interest at your job especially on days that are supposed to be easygoing and fun at work then you must look for a new job that involves something you are passionate about and will always be interested in doing.


There can be a seriously fine line between natural work grievances and red flags that indicate that it is time for you to pack up your stuff and look for a new job. Surely, all of these signs are easy to consider as problems that every employee deals with but the contrast lies in how frequently you are facing these problems at your work. If you feel or keep saying these sorts of things constantly, then that is symptomatic of more than just a bad workday. So, if you found yourself agreeing with one or all of these signs, it might be the time to give some severe thought about searching for a new job for yourself.

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