How To Succeed In A Group Discussion During Your Interview

A Group discussion during an interview is a formal hiring procedure followed by companies to test candidates’ abilities. It involves sharing ideas and discussions with a group on prospects of a common topic, idea, or interest. It is a crucial elimination round observed by panelists to check the level of confidence, teamwork qualities, logical reasoning skills, and communication skills. It also gives them an opportunity to become familiar with your personality. 


Group discussions are beneficial platforms to portray your skills. The interviewers carry an indelible impression of your personality. Based on your performance in a group discussion, you are either promoted to the next round or eliminated. While present on the table, ascertain that you behave with etiquettes. A gentle behavior along with a strong willpower to listen is appreciated. Considering a mannerly and welcoming approach would help you clear the round. While attentive listening, you should also make your point, but not aggressively. Further, the article below expiates what to do and what not to do in a group discussion during an interview.

Best tips and tricks to prepare and crack a group discussion

Human Resource India presents you with the best tips and tricks to prepare and crack any group discussion during an interview. Enlisted below are our hacks: 

Focus on Your Body Language in a Group Discussion

Body language and gestures are getting greater prominence in the professional industry. Before you step in an interview, work on your body language. Be confident with your behavior, like, make eye contact while speaking, sitting straight, avoiding making attention-grabbing gestures, dressing professionally, and monitoring the way you present yourself. These are aspects of non-verbal communication which emphasize on your self-confidence and personality. Such traits will help you clear a group discussion with great impressions.

Be the first to begin and conclude the group discussion

Leadership skills are crucial to be displayed. If you are knowledgeable on the topic assigned, don’t be scared to be the beginner of the conversation. This way, you can lead the discussion in a meaningful way and to your advantage. However, if you are not confident about the topic, it is advisable to let the conversation start and add your viewpoints afterward.


After the discussion arrives at an end, don’t forget to summarize the GD in a quick and unbiased manner. Recollect the valuable points highlighted during the GD and point them down in the end. Add your view which does not reflect a biased nature. Make an impression that you’ve focused on each discussion and conclude the viewpoint to grab the interviewer’s attention to you.

Practice group discussion topics ahead of time

3rd tip on our list of top 8 tips and tricks of acing a Group Discussion is practicing some topics beforehand. Make a list of subjects related to your educational and professional background. The Internet works wonders to give an idea of what topics can be assigned. Keep your search near the job field to get an idea of the speech and points to address. Stay updated with current news and general knowledge as interviewers may also test how updated you are with ongoing affairs. Subject topics can be related to controversies in the news bulletin or industry, ongoing conflicts, case studies, etc.


Getting a general idea is not the end of the search. The most crucial point of judgment is your presentation skill in front of the interviewers. Participate in mock GDs with your classmates or friends, and take notes of the areas that you need to strengthen.

Be attentive and respectful

Pay attention while everyone is speaking to focus not on the length but the content. Make brief eye contact and nod in between to maintain your presence in the group discussion. Listening attentively and calmly shows your welcoming nature to everyone’s opinion. Also, you can frame your response concerning the speech if you focus and listen to their words.


Think twice before speaking.  Prepare a mental statement that does not harm anyone’s opinion or disrespectfully counterattack them. Even if you get a relevant point, do not interrupt when somebody is talking. Jumping in the middle of a speech is a form of disrespect. If you feel a need to counter a viewpoint, frame it in a positive manner, such as, “About what you said, I hold a little different opinion”, or you can say, “I respect your point, additionally I would like to add”. These sentences are neutral, and The use of appropriate phrases is necessary to display a polite attitude, team spirit, and diplomatic behavior. It shows that you acknowledge and honor their perspective, while you stand by yours.

Add points relevant to the topic

If the discussion falls out of the path, bring it back by adding a more relevant and agenda-oriented point to lead it conveniently. Sometimes, a person can interrupt while you’re speaking or maybe shout in between to add their point; although all you need to do is stay calm and add a different point to take the lead once again. Contemplate that interviewers observe your reactions to such a situation and how you handle these circumstances.

Don’t panic and choose the words wisely in Group Discussion

You sit in the GD and a topic is assigned to the group, but you have no apparent knowledge vis-a-vis the subject. Don’t panic! Let the others lead the discussion and make mental notes to paraphrase what they are saying, and additionally add some points by your side to cover the concept.


Mentioning ample points is the primary goal of a GD. However, it is equally crucial to make sense while speaking. Be sure that the words and sentences are accurate and do not appear blathering. Aim at the quality of the statements, as fewer words can also get you through the interview rather than talking from a casual point of view.

Use supporting examples or quantitative data

It always works in favor of putting in examples or qualitative facts (if you remember) concerning the topic. It shows the vast perception and awareness of the matter. Use your knowledge to your benefit to make a good impression on the panelists. But do not speak unknowingly.

Bid salutations and Adieu to the panelists

You must greet everyone while entering the room and bid Adieu with a good note, such as, “It was my pleasure to be present here under your guidance” while walking out of the room. It exhibits courtesy and a humble nature. Interviewers observe these little gestures to understand your personality. Let them get your best first and the last impression before you walk out of the room.

During an interview group discussions allow you to validate your reasoning, analytics, speaking, and listening skills. Using the tips detailed above, you can face any GD confidently and ace it. Go through the points thoroughly. Once you perceive command to your knowledge and strengths, there’s nothing to backfire on you. Believe in yourself and stay confident.

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