Tips For Remote Employee Engagement Activities

Before 2020, remote working was considered an opportunity for employees to have a good work-life balance, however, considering the pandemic situation organizations were required to work from home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


The circumstances changed quickly without providing any time to the organizations to prepare for an entirely new mode of working; bringing new challenges to the employees and the organizations as well.


Even after relaxation in the restrictions, it is difficult to say how soon things will be normal; in the long run, it can impact employee productivity and the organization. Here are few tips for remote employee engagement.

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Setting daily goals

Since everyone shifted to working from home, employees faced difficulty in adjusting to a new schedule. It can be tough to work without any plans hence, pre-decided goals for a short period is an efficient way to motivate the employees without pressuring them with piles of work.

Encouraging advance learning

With more flexibility in the work schedule, employees have the advantage of improving their skills and further learning new things. To help with it, some organizations can also purchase online learning courses to benefit their employees; therefore increasing their employee engagement and learning new skills.

Right use of technology

Technology plays an important role in remote working. Organizations must use ways of communication that are easy to adapt since the sudden change in the way of working made it difficult to adjust to new technologies faster than needed. Furthermore, promoting chat platforms instead of formal emails can ease the employees’ interaction and engagement.

Regular online meetings

Remote working can be difficult when it comes to communicating. Employees need to feel the belongingness to be effectively engaged in their work. Having regularly scheduled meetings helps employees to be in contact with the organization, communicate ideas and suggestions, report work progress, get timely feedback and overcome challenges at work.

Assign more teamwork

Remote working can make it difficult for the employees to stay connected to their colleagues and the organization. Assigning teamwork tasks promotes team learning, communication as well as motivation through one another, therefore increasing productivity.

Providing discounts and benefits

Incentives are a great way to keep the employees motivated towards their work irrespective of working remotely or not. Awarding the employees with various coupons, cashback offers, gift cards, subscription plans can certainly help in increasing employee engagement.

Providing equipment support

Due to recent situations, many employees were not prepared to work from home. Office spaces are equipped with proper working tools which support the quality of work but having the same at home might not be possible for everyone. Organizations can help their employees by providing essential working equipment such as stable internet connection, laptops, or desktops which will help them in their efficiency.

Facilitating proper feedbacks

Organizations and employees are constantly learning and developing. It is important to understand the needs of both employees and organizations. Feedbacks are a great way to communicate and get to know both sides. Employees can suggest better ways to help the organization in employee engagement activities and organizations can give valuable feedback to the employees to help them increase their productivity and quality of work.

Conducting online activities

Since the pandemic, everyone has been going through a lot be it living alone or not getting to go outside. Staying indoors all the time can be a difficult task and a person can’t also work all the time. It is necessary to get some distraction from time to time to facilitate a better quality of work. To improve employee morale and engagement organizations can conduct online activities such as fun quizzes, multiplayer games or even provide them with a common platform to share their achievements during the pandemic. The activities could be related to the work industry or any topic that could be of interest to the employees.

Health and wellness of the employees

An employee’s productivity and quality of work are codependent on their mental and physical health. Even in the virtual work environment health of an employee is as important as it is in the physical work environment. Organizations must make sure that even though employees are working from home, this does not mean that they can be burdened with work, and particularly during a pandemic, isolating themselves and staying indoors can create a huge impact on the mental health of the employees. Talking about various ways to maintain health and suggesting health and wellness applications can help the employees maintain good health as well as productivity.

The pandemic has immensely changed the way of working and it is important to stay indoors as much as possible to stay safe and prevent spreading the disease, however, these tips for remote employee engagement can help an organization in keeping its employees engaged as well as sustain its business.

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