Tips For Remote Hiring For Recruiters And HR

Every recruiter has their set ways of selecting a candidate and finding that right candidate can be a challenging yet exciting task for the recruiter. The job of talent acquisition has various aspects such as finding similar skill sets, establishing a connection with the candidate, and exploring their personalities. However, when we talk about remote hiring, all of the above becomes slightly more difficult than it already is; a recruiter might come across several issues that altogether affect the outcome of the process.


Furthermore, recent times have given no choice to the recruiters except opting for remote hiring. It is no longer a privilege rather a mandatory thing to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Pointing out the fact that not every recruiter around the world was familiar with such a process

Tips to conduct an effective online/virtual interview

The importance of a video interview

With technology improving so much each day, conversations have become easier irrespective of their geographical distance. Video interviews have played a huge role in the remote hiring process; making it more accessible for both the recruiter and the job seeker.

However, not everyone is used to being comfortable around a camera, let alone an online interviewA recruiter must know how to make the interviewee comfortable during the interview and at the same time be aware of how to manage oneself,


  • You can start by talking about the job and its related information;
  • making sure you are around a quiet place;
  • inform the correct details of the interview; 
  • inform about the ways interviewee can follow up with you;
  • and most importantly, use an interview platform which is easy to understand.

Engaging job advertisements and descriptions

A job advertisement is an initial interaction between a job seeker and your organization. A job seeker needs to be completely motivated to apply for the job in your organization which is where job advertisements and descriptions play a role. Writing detailed information that is also engaging is crucial; mentioning the accurate responsibilities and benefits can make it effective.

Giving a test assignment

It can be a difficult task to assess a person’s skills during remote hiring. Suggesting an assignment related to the job can be just the right thing to help you make your final decision. The right task with a precise deadline will eventually help you in deciding the candidate’s potential and the value that person will bring to the organization.

Knowing the right questions to ask

As a recruiter, you may have certain standard questions for an online or offline interview but to have better outcomes you can add certain more questions during the remote hiring process. Addition to the basic competencies you’ll want to look for more such as time management, proactivity, consistency, and many others. You can ask questions like,


  • How would you react if you had a difference of opinion with your boss?
  • What is your usual time for work from home routine?
  • In your opinion, what are the most effective ways of communication in the workplace?
  • How do you prioritize your daily tasks?

Just like the questions mentioned above, there are more which can help along your hiring process and find you the best possible employee.

Remember the profile you are searching

As a recruiter, you must remember that remote employees require a different profile than in-office employees. There are certain skills which are important for a remote employee such as,


Communication– since they will not be physically present in the office and communicating mostly via written communication, you must observe their competence in the same and whether or not they can accurately express themselves;


Accountability– These employees will have no constant pressure regarding their work so they should be able to work properly and follow the deadlines.


This style of work is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s necessary to see if the person can work in a free environment or if they need a pressurized environment to give their best work.

Remote hiring is in the process to become the new normal and as a recruiter, you must always be willing to learn and adapt to new ways of hiring. Moreover, the learning does not end here; after selecting, engaging remote employees can be another difficult task. So here a few tips for remote employee engagement activities.

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