Ways To Attract, Hire And Retain Remote Employees

This year, the lives of thousands of people changed drastically. People lost their jobs, every country’s economy suffered tremendous challenges, caused by one disease; coronavirus. It was reported as a pandemic in March 2020, which led to multiple lockdowns all around the world, forcing everyone to work from home. Organizations and employees had no choice but to adapt to the new work lifestyle; initial challenges included changing job roles to be fit with work from home jobs, attracting and hiring remote employees, and most of all to retain and keep these employees well engaged. Human Resource professionals had to come up with new ways to reach the maximum number of job-seekers through virtual mode, conduct online interviews, and then finalise the selected employees while working remotely.

Tips To Attract And Hire Remote Employees

Strong Branding

To reach a wider range of job-seekers, you must create an online presence of the brand and work towards increasing it. Informative digital web pages and social media accounts are a good way, to begin with, to achieve the goal of branding. Moreover, you must also try to represent yourself as a reliable and employee-friendly organization so the job-seekers can have a positive mindset about applying for a job in your organization.

Employee Experiences

The experiences of your current employees say a lot about the work environment of your organization. Even if it is work from home, a prospective employee is always interested in the environment of the company they might work for in the future. Sharing the testimonials of your employees over your websites and social media pages can help you increase your number of applicants.

Values and Vision

Present your organization’s vision and values effectively so that the potential candidates can be aware of it. Describe clearly on your website and social media pages how your vision and values are not only beneficial to the organization but all employees and the society as well.

Job descriptions and advertisements

A job description is the first thing a job seeker sees while searching for work from home jobs; making those descriptions well defined and interesting can catch a lot of attention. Visual advertisements and precise job descriptions give all the required information to the job-seeker making it easy for them to make a decision. Moreover, mentioning the benefits of the job is a great way to motivate prospective employees.

Online interviews

As an employer, you must try to use the easiest way to communicate with the candidate. Instead of voice call interviews, opting for video interviews might be a better choice to help you establish a connection with the candidate. To make it efficient, always schedule the interview with proper notice and guidelines to avoid any confusion.


Even though everyone is working from home, but conducting online interviews in formal attire establishes a rapport with the candidate and shows more seriousness towards the job.

Planning and preparation

A lot of people may find it difficult to adjust to the new way of the hiring process so to make the candidate comfortable you should try to start with a simple topic and then move towards specifics. Furthermore, to be more effective, prepare a set of job interview questions for the candidate and decide the criteria for yourself for making the final decision.

Tips To Engage Remote Employees

Regular interaction

Remote employees can easily feel distracted and less interested in the job due to less communication. Scheduling video calls for meetings and discussions at regular intervals and fixed timings can help the remote employees maintain a schedule and their productivity.

Feedbacks and suggestions

Remote employees are not regularly involved with everyday decisions related to various tasks. Including those employees and considering their suggestions can be an incentive for them to stay motivated towards their jobs. Furthermore, providing regular feedback on the given task can help the employees increase their efficiency and quality of work.

Physical and mental health

Only focusing on the work of the employees does not give them a sense of belongingness towards the organization. Many companies have started to adopt various activities focusing on their employee’s well being in terms of physical and mental health as in the end, the quality of work is directly dependable on the employee’s health. Conducting online meditating sessions, providing online therapy support or just rather communicating other than work-related topics also can help employees feel less lonely while working from home.

To conclude, an organization’s success is all about the people working for it. Without the employee’s skills, efficiency and well being it becomes a difficult task for an organization to operate in a good position. To know more, here are a few tips for remote employee engagement activities!

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