What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the initiative led by a business to outsource its hiring process, either partially or entirely to a third-party recruitment consultant. This action is swiftly replacing all other models of hiring processes, and it further provides a more holistic workplace. Outsourcing in itself determines hiring services outside the organisation to get a task done efficiently and effectively.

What is an RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be explained as a distinct subset of Business Process Outsourcing, wherein an organisation hires professional third-party services to perform a particular task on behalf of the organisation. These tasks could vary from performing the recruitment process to other functions of the organisation handling customer services. The third-party service provider functions on behalf of the organisation to maximise performance and further reduce the expenses of the recruitment process.

How does it work?

From in-house recruiting to a placement agency, the recruitment processes of an organisation have come a long way. Furthermore, leading the way in this is the recruitment process outsourcing. In the RPO model, a consulting organisation works with the employer organisation to know their hiring requirements and create a resolution based on them. The recruitment process outsourcing team then takes control of a part of or the complete hiring process in creating a pool of qualifying candidates, appointing current roles, and, possibly, managing future requirements.

What are the Functions of an RPO?

Most managers are concerned about outsourcing such a crucial function to a third party. However, here are the reasons why corporations need this service for their continuance:


– Clear mapped strategies help prevent poor employing decisions, delivering more durability and effectiveness to the process.


– It reduces the recruitment responsibility from your Human Resource teams’ shoulders and enables them to work on essential daily tasks.


– It partners with the organisation and operates as an extension of the in-house team. A recruitment process outsourcing service is just as invested as any other member of the organisation in employing the appropriate people.


– The service providers come up with talent procurement plans that give enterprises an edge over their competitors.

What services are included?

– Workforce outlining – a perfect way to determine short-term and long-term hiring requirements


– Hiring administrator engagement- improves methods of communication between a hiring administrator and the record teams


– Imperative sourcing- helps to recognize the platforms where high-performing applicants are accessible


– Screening before employment – Implement thorough background checks, employment records, and other records of the applicants


– Early careers recruitment- can be used to launch outreach programs for graduates, vacation schemes, internships, apprenticeships, and more

What is the principle of an RPO?

In performing any of the RPO services, there are some factors that a provider typically follows:


– Collection of Data – The executive manager of the RPO collects information on the organisation’s existing hiring processes and conducts a stakeholder review. The most critical pillar in executing an RPO service can take up more than two weeks.


– Mapping the process – Based on all the acknowledgements of the above process, the RPO provider creates a complete process map that distinguishes all the actions that will be undertaken by the in-house recruitment team, human resources, hiring administrators, and the RPO team. 


– Change in management – As new teams start to grow or concentrate on their duties, there needs to be a changed management strategy in place. Will distinctly describe how the organisation must handle the internal communication and timelines for the smooth implementation of the RPO teams.


– Training – Every stakeholder from the organisation and the RPO team will experience training to ensure the achievement of the process. The aim of the training is for everyone to be on the same page with the renewed hiring method, technology, and duties.

Benefits of an RPO

Scalable resolutions – Recruitment process outsourcing works on the system of a scalable and adaptable solution where a firm has to pay only for what they require when they require it.


Reduced time & cost – The service providers follow strict timelines to accomplish recruitment demands. Moreover, in the long run, it can offer at least a 30% reduction in the per-hire cost.


Quality – Service providers plan and follow comprehensive rules to ensure recruiting those candidates who meet the organisational requirements, not only on paper but also in practice.


Analytics and reports– RPO providers test, interpret and highlight the insights from each stage of the hiring process to provide for effective decision-making.


With its ever-increasing demand, Recruitment process outsourcing is swiftly replacing all other forms of recruitment to present a more holistic workplace environment. If the service provider and the organisation work together, there is the potential to build a win-win situation for employers, managers, human resources, and applicants.

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