Why Do Companies Hire Through Staffing Agencies?

Talents are high in demand but difficult to recruit. A recruiting process can be both cost and time consuming and worse if you recruit the wrong person, but you can solve this issue by hire through staffing agencies to recruit candidates for you. Small scale companies don’t have a Human Resource department to recruit the best talents, even though they are eager to employ more competent candidates. Multinational Companies have a Human Resource department, but diverting the whole department to employ few candidates can be a waste or impractical. They have plenty of other vital issues to handle. That is why both companies opt to hire through staffing agencies.


Staffing Agencies recruit the best candidate for the company, according to the requirements of the company. They have a broader and more qualitative reach as compared to companies. They have recruitments from every area from freshers to experienced, active to passive candidates. 


Plenty of Staffing Agencies are opened at affordable rates with excellent work. Companies hire them to ease the pressure of recruiting new talents as they do the hiring process. Staffing Agencies give the company the last work of selecting the best candidate from all the shortlisted candidates.


Staffing Agencies have skilled and experienced staff who have an eagle eye for talents. Most of them have experience in recruiting candidates for companies. So they know who can be most suitable for the company’s job position. Various companies hire through staffing agencies because they give them satisfying results expeditiously.

Benefits of Hiring through Staffing Agency

Temporary Employees

Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, your skilled employee is on leave, and you want someone to cover them, or you require support in the hectic time of the company. All these require short-time employees but doing a complete hiring process can be troublesome. At this moment, you need to hire a staffing agency to help you to recruit talented and skilled employees to cover for your employees. Searching for short time employees by the company may not be fruitful as they may not get suitable candidates. 


The company can turn these temporary employees into long-term employees. They can take this as an opportunity to evaluate the candidates. If the company believes they suit the company’s environment, it can turn this short-term employment long-term.

Benefits of using a staffing agency

Staffing agencies take care of payrolls, worker’s comp and do the whole hiring process. They take care of employees even after you recruit them to solve any conflict if it occurs. They take the liability of the employee company is recruiting with the help of them. It makes the company focus more on the training and orientations of the employee. They also help to hire long-term employees—a good employee aids in fulfilling the company’s orders or deals more quickly and effectively.

Saves cost and time

They save both cost and time by doing all the hiring processes. Companies hire different media houses to show vacancies, background verification, creating payroll databases, and many more. They can save all these expenditures by hire through staffing agencies as they do all the work on behalf of the company. 


The company spends its qualitative time on this hiring process. Finding an exceptional candidate for the company can take lots of time, weeks, or months. Posting vacancies, screening resumes, verifying, and taking interviews require lots of time and effort. Staffing agencies can manage all the employment documentations on behalf of the company.

No unemployment claims

When a company removes an employee due to less work available in the company, there is a risk of unemployment claims by the employee. The company has to pay unemployment. If a company hires a staffing agency, they take care of the unemployment pay. This will save the company from additional expenditure and paperwork. Companies can easily let go of the company without any worry with the help of a staffing agency. 

Works as an HR department

When the company faces any crisis with the employees recruited via a staffing agency, they help resolve it. They play the role of the HR Department in this scenario to solve the issue and guide the company to increase the employee’s efficiency.  

Enhances productivity

When the company has a higher workload, they recruit short-term employees to increase the company’s productivity. Even if a long-term employee has to work obediently, sincerely, and efficiently, a bad employee can decrease productivity. If the company hires via a staffing agency, they recruit candidates according to its culture, environment, and working policies. They recruit only qualified and eligible candidates. 


Staffing agencies provide you with both eligible and assured candidates. They keep you updated with their hiring process and also aid the company while taking interviews. The company has to mention its requirements and policies to the agency to recruit according to that. The company should work with a reputable firm that offers a guarantee for satisfying hiring.

We, Human Resource India, provide the best staffing agency in Delhi and Bangalore. With our team’s years of experience and expertise in hiring unique talents, we provide the company with great employees for them.

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