Software Engineer – Android

Software Engineer – Android

We are seeking a dedicated Android developer to join our growing company. You will collaborate as part of a team of developers to work on creating and maintaining Android apps.


As an Android developer, you will need to be familiar with the Android ecosystem and mobile app development, including familiarity with popular app frameworks and software development best practices. Your duties will include maintaining existing codebases, including bug fixing, and creating apps from scratch as part of a team while following all coding guidelines and industry best practices.

Experience : 1-3 years
Job Location :Work From Home
Education :Graduate
Salary :Upto 6lpa

Responsibilities :

  • Designing and developing apps for the Android ecosystem
  • Fixing known bugs in existing Android applications and adding new features
  • Working with external software libraries and APIs

Skills/Experience :

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, application performance, or a related field
  • Strong familiarity with Kotlin, as our app is 100% Kotlin
  • Proficient with MVVM and the Android Architecture Components/Jetpack (we use LiveData, ViewModels, the repository pattern, and coroutines)
  • Familiar with firebase and Google API
  • Good knowledge of Constraint Layout
  • Solid understanding of common programming tools and paradigms, such as version control(Git), use of frameworks, and common design patterns
  • Proficiency with Android Studio and Android SDK tools
  • Experience with GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Interested in keeping up with new technologies, libraries, and design patterns

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