How To Impress An Employer Before A Job Interview

In recent times any business or organization that is recruiting is always flooded with various job applications for different job profiles. It can be a difficult task to highlight your application in the pile of others. It is a known fact that not every applicant is called for an interview and to make the selection process easier, sometimes recruiters also use software programs to help with the process! To increase your possibilities in getting a call for the interview, 

8 ways to get an employer’s attention before a job interview

Read the job descriptions properly

Imagine a situation where you put out a notice for a task, specifying every detail regarding that and you receive individual queries which you had already answered in your notice. You will definitely not like it and it’s the same for the employers so before applying for a job always make sure to read the job description properly and get the basic knowledge about the requirements and benefits.

Check your qualifications

Every recruiter decides some certain criteria when they open job applications and it is always mentioned in their notice as well as the job descriptions. A good applicant always makes sure to first check whether or not they are qualified enough as per the requirement of the employer and then proceed accordingly.

Pay attention to the details

As an applicant, it is your duty to always provide the employer with proper important details about you such as your full name, contact numbers, emails etc. as it is always helpful for the recruiter to further reach out to you. Another tip is to provide the details which you are actively using instead of the ones you rarely check!

Use of proper Email Address

In cases when you are applying for a job through your emails there are a lot of factors that play a role in this. Firstly, you should make sure you are using an official Email ID; no employer would be impressed with Email IDs like ‘’. The next thing is to write your Emails in a formal manner without using any abbreviations or unprofessional language and don’t forget to attach the necessary documents such as resume and cover letter.

Personalized cover letters

When you apply for a job, it is always recommended to add a cover letter explaining about you and your interests in a brief for the employer to get an idea about you, before reviewing the resume! Writing personalized cover letters for the intended job helps in showing your interest in the job and certainly will get the recruiter’s attention.

Impressive Resumes

A resume is like your personal brochure which an employer reviews before they decide to call for an interview. There are various ways to write a resume but all of them have some common tips which can certainly make it more presentable; always use a common font, align your text properly, avoid the use of various colours or visuals and lastly make sure to send your resume in the PDF format instead of word files.

Attention to chronology

As mentioned earlier the recruiters have a huge number of applications and it might not be physically possible for them to read each one of them properly. It is always recommended to write your resume in a particular chronology that helps the recruiter see the most essential details of the applicant in the beginning. Starting your personal details, you should always proceed with work experience going from latest to oldest, followed with your academic experience in the same manner and going so on with your certifications, skills, achievements and hobbies.

Relevant experience can be a bonus!

Applying for a job which matches your previous experience definitely gets you additional points in the eyes of the recruiter. Hiring an employee with the same or relevant experience reduces the employer’s work in terms of providing you with basic training and also saves the company a huge amount of time and money but do notice that this is not a necessary condition unless mentioned in the job description.

So these were some tips for you to note as a job seeker, furthermore here are some interview tips for you to improve your chances of getting selected for a job!

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