6 Job Interview Questions You Should Never Ask HR

A Job interview is one of many yet, significant stages in a job selection process. There are several things a job seeker must make sure of when preparing for a job interview, that as well as the right job interview questions to ask the recruiter.

At the end of every job interview, every recruiter asks a universal question to the job seekers, “Do you have any questions about the organization or the job?”. It is at this stage where most of the job seekers do not know the way to respond to the recruiter, the correct response as well. 


If you right away decline the recruiter that you do not have any questions about the job you are applying for, that might indicate a lack of interest from your side regarding either the organization or the job as well. However, the correct way to prepare for a job interview is by researching accurately about the organization and the job. There are many factors to remember while researching an organization, but to be well prepared, you must also be aware of the questions you shall avoid asking your interviewer.

Few Job Interview Questions You Must Avoid To Ask

What Will Be My Salary?

Financial incentives are good motivating factors when it comes to employee performance outcomes and recruitment of the most suitable candidates. As a job seeker, you must refrain from discussing your salary and stipend at any job interview stage until the employer starts a similar topic. To create a good impression, you must only put forward your expectations towards your salary once you have confirmed the offer from the employer. 

Can You Tell Me About Your Competitors?

Researching about the competitors of an organization is a significant step to be aware of the organization and its products and services. Inquiring about the competitor in the job interview will demonstrate an absence of research that might create a negative impression of you for the potential employer. 

Are The Rumors True?

Every organization once in a lifetime comes across unfavorable advertising, which makes the customers doubt the products and services of the organization; not all the accusations need to be always right, and with time, they even respond to their customers to protect their honor. As a job seeker, you must never ask about any such cases to your interviewer, as it shows your reduced trust in the organizations, which makes you an unfit employee in the eyes of the interviewer.

Do You Do Profile Checks?

As a basic protocol, a lot of organizations go through a careful background check for their prospective employees. An organization usually hires a recruitment service to assist them in the process, and further, help them with the shortlisting and interviewing of the candidates. Sometimes, without being aware of making a mistake, a lot of job seekers ask their interviewers if their social media profiles will be of an issue or rather be check thoroughly. In such scenarios, most recruiters starting doubting your background and skills that might reduce your chances of selection for the desired job.

Can I Have Less Working Hours?

Asking about your work time durations and breaks can seriously impact the final decision of the interviewer. If you are upfront about asking for flexible timing at the very beginning of your job that action might make the interviewer question your punctuality and seriousness towards the work. However, if you are in an executive position, that might give you a little freedom to negotiate for your work hours.

What Are The Extra Benefits Of The Job?

We all are aware that every job has some financial and non-financial incentives to keep the employees motivated for better productivity and efficiency. However, being more curious about the extra benefits rather than the job can make you look like a greedy person. It might indicate that you are more interested in the interests of the job as compared to the job itself, which in the future can affect your work performance and that is how it can reduce your possibilities of getting selected for the job.

Well, these were just a few examples of the questions that you must not ask in a job interview. The way to be prepared for an interview is to thoroughly research and decide some inquiry that will help you impress the employer. To avoid any mistakes, you can also hire the services of a manpower agency that can guide you all through your job selection process and conduct mock interviews to help be more confident for the real interview.

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