What Recruiters Don’t Want to See on Your Resume?

What is a resume?

A resume summarises your professional achievements, education, and career goals. It is a concise summary highlighting your key points, training, and experience.


A resume is a synopsis of your education and professional history. You send this to a prospective employer to show them what you have done. The summary needs to be very brief, focusing on what you have done, your accomplishments, and your skills. You need to be able to present the information excitingly, for example, in a graphical format.


A resume is a document or a document-like object that describes your relevant knowledge, professional experience, skills, and qualifications relevant to the position for which you are seeking employment. The most common resume type is a ‘Curriculum vitae’ or ‘Biographical Sketch. The format of a resume depends on your education and level of experience. It should be suited to the position you are looking for.

What Specific Things Should A Resume Avoid?

Employers read your resume as a reflection of who you are now, not who you can be. 


Employers quickly sort through a large number of resumes. According to research, the normal prospective employer looks over resumes in under a minute. They can complete this initial check-in in six seconds, according to other research. The initial decision is quickly made by larger organisations using applicant tracking systems to screen candidates. So, what exactly are they searching for, and what should you avoid saying? To understand what is in the job description, you must attempt to adopt the attitude of the usual recruiter. If you can do that, your resume will be greatly enhanced.


Have you been rewriting your resume again and again because it got rejected again and again?

What Are Some Things Employers Don’t Want To See On Your Resume?

This includes anything that would damage or remove your chances of being hired.

Irrelevant experiences

The most important things employers want to see on a resume aren’t your experience, qualifications, or education, but what you’ve done in the past. Your resume should show employers that you can work with them to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions to their business challenges.

Your listed duties

Everything you do daily to stay afloat is unnecessary, and no one wants to know, least among all the prospective employers. They simply think you are capable of doing this. Instead, concentrate on your accomplishments, including how you raised revenue, lowered expenditures, or played a vital part in boosting productivity.


Candidates should include information about their prior experience and abilities for the position they are applying for. Providing irrelevant information about life history can create a negative impact on the employer. Only the information which is most relevant to the job description must be provided by the candidate.

Incorrect grant permissions in Google Doc resume

Grant access to the recruiter if your resume is sent in a Google Doc. Before you send your resume to a recruiter or to a placement agency, you should convert it to a format that permits all receivers to read it correctly. Ideally, this involves transferring it to PDF format so that no formatting or space is lost during translation.

Cool Word-Header Style

Many candidates aim to create a positive first impression by including their identity in the Word header feature. It appears to be prominent and chilly. They are ignorant that some scanning tools cannot read this heading, resulting in your resume being attributed to an anonymous candidate! Stick to more traditional strategies for presenting your name at the top.

One-size-fits-all resume

You apply for several positions and consistently send the same résumé. This is a serious mistake because each job is unique, needing distinct skill sets, experience, and so on. Keep in mind that each recruiter is searching for a resume that matches their company’s profile and the skill set required for a certain position. A one-size-fits-all resume will never do this.

Workplace email address

Hiring managers, for obvious reasons, do not want to contact you at your current employment. It is also more secure and private for you. Always include your genuine name in the email address, not just a charming one like “soccergrl0721@gmail.com”.

List of bullet points

It may appear simpler to the eye at first, but when hiring managers are given simple bullet points, it is tough to read. A combination of sentences and bullet points, which work well for lists of numbers or data, should be present in the perfect resume.

Unclear objective statements

The employer will be put off by your very vague goal of getting additional knowledge and expertise. Make sure you have compared the criteria with what you have to offer by reading the job description several times. 

Skills that everyone else has

Hiring supervisors groan when candidates state that they are quite comfortable with the most recent versions of Microsoft Office and Excel. In today’s offices, everyone has these abilities.

Gaps on your resume that aren’t explained

There can be a problem if you are unable to explain the gaps or find a way to frame them favourably. Include them and make connections to the abilities needed for your new career if your talents were improved by the courses or freelancing work.

Fonts or creative formats

You may be surprised to learn that many applicant tracking systems remove all the sophisticated information, leaving managers with a plain-text viewing style. This implies that, in many instances, your creative abilities will go unappreciated and are a waste of time. The solution to this is to make it short, sweet, and uncomplicated.

Long list of previous projects

Employers hate it when candidates include a long list of previous projects. This can overwhelm them and put them off from hiring the candidate. Try to state only the relevant projects which might have helped you in gaining knowledge and skills.

Lies or false information

Employers don’t want candidates to lie on their resumes. They don’t want you to exaggerate your qualifications. And they don’t want you to lie or misrepresent your work history.

First-person narratives on resumes

Yes, they are aware that YOU are applying, therefore it’s not necessary to repeat the term “I.” Most candidates begin with ‘Accountable for,’ which means ‘I was responsible for.’ 


Make it far more action-oriented by beginning the phrase with




‘Cut expenses….’, 

‘Resolved difficulties……’, 

‘Led a team of 10…..’.

 Seem not excited

Employers want to see that you’re enthusiastic about your job and company. They don’t want to see you as a “typical” employee, just as they’re not interested in seeing you as a “typical” student.

Irrelevant or outdated information

Employers don’t want to see projects that aren’t relevant to their company or their work. Employers also don’t want to see projects you have been paid to do.

Summing Up

To sum up, we can say that an ideal resume is not: 


A resume:

– That is not too long. 

– With a lack of relevant experience. 

– With a lack of recent experience.

– With just the bullet points.

– That contains a lack of relevant skills, training, or experience.

– That contains irrelevant or outdated information.

– Any unrealistic or misleading statements.

– Which shows a lack of enthusiasm. 

– That is too old, has errors or poor formatting.

– With a lot of irrelevant or paid projects.

– With unexplained gaps.

– A one-size-fits-all resume.

– With fancy fonts or creative formats


As we’ve seen, a resume functions much like an advertisement, highlighting your best qualities to persuade the hiring manager to request additional information. If you avoid the aforementioned blunders, you may be able to obtain your ideal job. Best of luck!

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