6 Benefits of Writing a Cover Letter

When writing resumes while applying for a job, people often forget writing a cover letter. A cover letter is a way by which you can win over your competitors in the first round of submitting your job application. Both resume and cover letter are the first impressions that a recruiter has about you. Cover letter is a summary of all your professional experience. The purpose behind the cover letter is that the recruiter should have an idea about you before reading the resume. Attaching a cover letter makes your profile look more organised and professional. Attaching a cover letter adds a plus point to your resume.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a brief content which you write to tell about your ideas about the company. It mentions your skills, hobbies, and job experience in a brief manner. It also summarizes your educational and professional knowledge in 3-4 lines. Standard words for cover letters are 250-400 words. It is a one-page document and it can spark the recruiter’s eyes and make them read your resume. It should be customized for every job application.

Importance of Writing a Cover Letter

Spotlights components of your resume

It is said that it takes less than 10 seconds to read the resume and less than 5 minutes for a recruiter to know whether the candidate can pass the next step or not. With the help of a cover letter, you can spot certain qualities that you can not in your resume.


– Introduction of yourself to the organisation

– Show your interest in cooperation 

– You talk about why you are eligible

– It increases focus on your resume 

– It is the chance to showcase your sentence forming power and vocabulary.

It adds more value to your resume

Resume is usually one or two pages in length, with the help of the cover letter it helps the recruiter to get an idea about your profile. A comprehensible and compelling cover letter is your first chance to stand out. Attaching a cover letter gives an impressive touch to your job application. In the cover letter, you can try to highlight your key skills so that the recruiter can read your resume carefully. 

Showcases your passion

A resume is like a data sheet without emotions. A cover letter adds emotions along with personal touch. You can tell what you feel you can contribute to the company and also your views about the company. You can tell why you are eligible and also your professional experience.

Resume statements as brief and similar to computerized manners like bullets, tables, etc. while a cover letter showcases your communication skills and also writing ability. There will be a higher probability of receiving a call for an interview after attaching a cover letter to your job application.


For eg. I have been interested in ‘YTS’ as it talks about environmental preservation and uses eco-friendly materials for its products. I will be admired to work in such Indian Cooperation with rich culture and working- values

Describes your interest in the company

Attaching a cover letter not only showcases your communication skills and writing skills but also demonstrates other skills. It showcases your rigorous research about the company and its members.


Cover letters with enclosing statements make the recruiter follow up and read your resume too. You can receive a call for an interview because of the strong cover letter. Your resume without a cover letter can make your job application look incomplete. 

Helps to cover your employment gap

If you have taken an employment gap then you can cover this gap using a cover letter. Attaching a cover letter will give a positive impression in front of the recruiters. The recruiter may overlook the gap as your application seems more structured and organized. You should mention your reason for the gap in the cover letter like due to health problems in family or transfer, etc. This way is appropriate to explain your employment gap positively. 

Highlights your strength

Helps to highlight your relevant experiences and skills according to the job you are applying for. A lengthy resume of 2 pages can make the recruiter bored and this can make him/her put in a trash pile. You can avoid using another page for your resume by writing those experiences and skills in your cover letter. It helps you to minimize the length of your resume and also gives a positive impression in front of the recruiter about your skills and achievements. 

Format for Cover Letter

– Header – contact information

– Greet the Hiring Manager 

– The first paragraph or opening paragraph – Discuss 3-4 your top achievements 

– Second paragraph or body – Tell about how you are competent or eligible for the job

– A third paragraph or conclusion – Demonstrate the benefits company will get after recruiting you 

– Closing and Follow-up – encl: resume and academic certificates

Summing up

A cover letter acts as a customized summary of your professional experiences along with your education. It showcases your interest in the job position and also connects you to the recruiter. Whether the recruiter reads your cover letter or not but adding it will give no harm. You will get bonus points if the recruiter considers the cover letter essential. 

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