How to Improve Candidate Experience Via Recruitment Marketing?

What is Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience describes how a potential employee feels about a prospective employer based on conversations with them during the entire employment process, including interviews. In turn, these candidates’ feelings,’ whether positive or negative, affect their decisions about whether or not to apply for or accept a position with your organization. Employers do recruitment marketing while hiring to present themselves as extremely welcoming and jovial. Candidates must ascertain if that is a hoax, but such a behavior of pretentious display can develop into toxicity. 


Considering today’s modern candidate-driven job market, recruiters are no longer responsible for selecting candidates. It is up to the applicants to make their decision. Employees are exceptionally empowered with the freedom to enter and exit the market. 


Therefore, you must ensure that your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts coordinate to acquire their confidence and motivate them to prefer you over your competition. It is a dual relation where both the parties try to attract the best offer for holistic development. In order to achieve this goal the concerned parties must represent to the best of their abilities.

How Can Recruitment Marketing Strategy Improve Candidate Experience?

Bringing up the information, one must think of all the fuss and how their company might give a more excellent and healthy candidate experience. There are several things to consider to improve your brand’s recruitment process to help you answer your problems:

Build yourself as a Brand

Branding is all about developing long-lasting connections with your target audience and motivating them to visit your website time after time. Your career page is an excellent opportunity to highlight your organization’s culture. You would not want to make a poor first appearance and chase away potential prospects before they’ve even begun. There are several ways to do this, which include:


– Get strangers to visit your website by using great content, social media, key phrases, and listing in all appropriate business networks.

– By creating user-friendly forms and strong lead attractions.

– Mailing regular e-newsletters and material about your company’s new accomplishments, application form, and diverse culture. Allow them to contact you via email, social media, or webchat.

– Lastly, digital marketing aims to turn job seekers into brand advocates. Please give them a memorable application and screening process and request feedback.

Communicate each step

To ensure a good candidate experience– it’s essential to communicate frequently and transparently. According to a recent study, one of the most important things companies can do to improve their applicant experience is to provide regular status reports.


Keep talent updated on all steps involved and a basic idea of all the timings. All candidates should get informed of their performance throughout the selection process.


Ensure that instructions for any evaluations or assignments are apparent and that your timeline is accessible so that the applicant can contact you at any moment of doubt.


The following stages of your recruitment timetable should be made clear, and candidates should get notifications as they progress. Help applicants relax by setting a precise time frame for replying to them and then sticking to it.

Prompt follow-up

When individuals apply for a job position, they invest hours in research, resume preparation, application, interview, and transportation. They require swift communication to understand the role and workplace culture better than the organization intends. Candidates frequently have no clue how the recruiting process will proceed.


While you may view one individual as your first choice, they may have already excluded your organization due to a lack of communication from you in weeks. The majority of candidates indicate that three to five working days are appropriate for getting a reply from potential recruiters.


Candidates, particularly those with in-demand talents, have many opportunities in today’s candidate-driven employment market. The more you delay, the more alternative bids they will see. Avoid ghosting fresh interviewees and committed prospects at all costs; this diminishes the candidate experience.

Keep an eye out for prospective candidates

Use an ATS software to keep in touch with the candidates who are talented but yet not ready to get on board. Applicant tracking systems can provide a vast database of previous applicants, along with social media accounts and a thorough history of your contact with each prospect, which can help you maintain high-potential individuals’ insight. 


Choose the right applicant tracking system (ATS). Your recruiting team will be able to promote job openings from your careers website across a broader range of talent modules, improve candidate ease, increase transparency for all parties involved, and maintain a stable progression of qualified individuals.

Create content that is simple to comprehend

Include instructional content into your recruitment marketing plans, such as blog articles, infographics, and videos that provide insight into your business. Your blog postings for prospective employees should showcase your organization’s professional experience and assist them in understanding how your employees function.


Even if applicants are familiar with your industry’s terms, it’s essential to keep job descriptions simple and free of buzzwords. It’s advisable to differentiate ‘wish list’ features from ‘must-haves’ in the position description to prevent great candidates from leaving if they do not match every requirement. Also, Clarify the function by including the duty.


Candidates get confused and turned off by lengthy, confusing form procedures. To minimize applicants abandoning your application process before it is complete, notify them of the information they need to provide before they commence in any easy manner.

Ensure Interview Process Consistency

At an in-person interview, you’re just as concerned with impressing prospects as they are with impressing you. Give candidates your undivided attention and treat them with acknowledgment. Frame pertinent questions and encourage prospects to ask you questions to understand the role and workplace culture better.


According to LinkedIn data, 87% of talent believe that a pleasant interview experience might encourage them to reconsider their previously questioned career or organization. Job applicants will appreciate the consistency and fairness implicit in a well-organized interview process.

Give and take Candidate Feedback

Most job candidates would prefer to receive feedback from their interviews. A simple method to indicate that you care about a candidate’s development is to provide them constructive comments at the earliest. Personalized feedback that is honest and courteous is more likely to be appreciated by the interviewees. 


Asking candidates for feedback is also a great idea. An online candidate survey may help you organize your questions and keep yourself responsible for making your prospects’ experiences better, as well. You’ll gain a lot that you can use to make the hiring process better for your future employees.


Chances for feedback on your hiring process can enhance candidate involvement and make job seekers, even those who get rejected, feel that they are essential to your company.

Summing Up

The critical point is that many job searchers would base their choice to join or reject a firm on the candidate’s experience during the recruiting process. 


How a company handles a candidate during the recruiting process can either provide a significant competitive edge in a competitive environment when aiming to attract difficult-to-find candidates, or it can be a substantial reason why candidates leave a particular organization. If you do things correctly, you will attract the best prospects and onboard them as passionate and committed new workers.


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